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Gift Vouchers

Share the love with Modern ArtBuyer vouchers

How many times have you vowed to make a unique, personal statement with a wedding gift or a birthday present, then resorted to the usual, safe gift list as time runs out?

Modern ArtBuyer’s vouchers are the ultimate in personal gifting. They present the opportunity for the lucky recipient to indulge in their own inimitable style, by choosing something truly perfect for their space.

The Shopify vouchers will be sent via email. If you would like a physical voucher and presentation wallet, please send us an email and we will organise that for you, with pleasure. Available in increments of £10, £25, £50, £100, £250 and a very generous £500, the simple part is choosing the voucher value you’d like and entering your details. The hard part is being kind enough to give the voucher away!