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Annabel Menheneott

About the artist

Annabel has lived for nearly 10 years in Freshford, near Bath, and in that time has walked and explored her beautiful surroundings on a daily basis. She has become increasingly captivated by the ever-changing nature of the landscape and the views across rolling, undulating hills and valleys. The constant changes and perspectives that draw the eye out to the horizon have much in common with the sea and our magnificent coastline, which has been the focus of Annabel's practice for many years. As such, this newer exploration of landscape has felt like the natural progression of her work.

Recently Annabel has become more interested in abstracting the subject and moving even further into a contemporary style, both in her maritime work and in these new landscapes. The inspiration comes in part from time spent in St Ives, Cornwall, where she soaked up the work of Peter Lanyon (especially his Gliding series), of Sandra Blow, Patrick Heron and of William Scott.

Annabel's focus is shifting to take only what interests her from the landscape and pare back the subject. This sometimes means bringing only a handful of elements, or indeed just one element, to the fore because they felt so prominent to her at that point in time. It may mean looking at the architecture of the landscape and using motifs to give the sense of a place even in abstracted form, through strong composition, bold forms and colour, while continuing to embrace the creativity and freedom of the painterly marks and elements that she loves in painting.