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Penelope Kenny

About the artist

Penelope Kenny is an Australian born artist who now lives and works in Brighton, U.K. Her work explores the relationship between humans and other animals, especially in connection to transhumanism, evolution, hybrids and biotechnology. Through her hybrid creatures she investigates the potential outcomes of humans trying to control evolution through genetic manipulation and scientific tampering with the species boundaries.

Penelope Kenny draws inspiration from Darwinism, dioramas, natural history illustration and taxidermy and takes great pleasure in imagining and representing the postmodern animal. She studied Visual Art at the University of Melbourne and completed a BA (Hons) Printmaking at the University of Brighton. She has worked in Australia, Mexico and the UK and is currently creating screenprinted wallpapers, hand bound book works and limited edition prints using water-based acrylic inks, pure pigments and metallic glazes.