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Lorenzo Davitti

About the artist

Lorenzo Davitti is an Italian-born artist and printmaking tutor currently based in London. His practice explores the subtle balance between control and chance through an expressive and flowing process that leads to creating work that’s colourful, dynamic and playful. Decisions regarding marks, lines and colours are taken intuitively and rapidly; in this experimental method, planning is as valid as improvisation or accident.

The resulting imagery is abstract, colourful and organic, constructed by using traditional plates, as well as found material, fabric, ribbons and paper offcuts. The prints feature ambiguous objects; shapes that are more suggestive of movement and temporality rather than mass, space or volume.
Inspired by the work of artists such as Gillian Ayres, Josef Albers and Bridget Riley Lorenzo’s recent prints explore the creative space that sits between digital and analogue image making, through chance events, distortions and colour combinations.
He is the recipient of the 2021 Thames-Side Print Studio Award from the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair and he is a shortlisted artist of the 2022 Boodle Hatfield Printmaking Prize.