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Ione Parkin RWA

About the artist

Ione Parkin RWA is a painter and printmaker based in Bath, UK. She is the co-founder and lead artist of the international art-science project Creativity and Curiosity, alongside the Scottish artist Gillian McFarland. Ione is engaging in conversations and collaborations with astrophysicists, cosmologists, solar scientists and planetary geologists. She is developing a growing body of artwork inspired by the rich imagery of space, and the on-going dialogue with researchers. Parallels of process have emerged between the artists and scientists – an excitement about uncertainty, ambiguity and anomaly – a desire not just to observe but to look beyond. This artist-led project explores the nature of interdisciplinarity within the practice of visual thinking.

Ione Parkin’s large-scale paintings express her fascination about the early formation of the universe; massive clouds of cosmic dust and gas; vast webs of colour and shimmering light; solar dynamics; luminous visions of immensity.

Her richly textured mixed-media works on paper respond to planetary surfaces, extremes of temperature and geological process. These resemble samples of the undiscovered terrain of distant moons – a fragment of an iron-rich formation; a young planet in the throes of intense volcanic activity; a surface texture of glacial ravines and fissures which echo the hyper-cold regions of other worlds or vast oceans of frozen Nitrogen.

Ione Parkin RWA
Royal West of England Academician
Honorary Visiting Fellow, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Leicester
Grants: Arts Council England, Royal Astronomical Society, Hope Scott Trust