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Victoria Topping

About the artist

Victoria has worked as an artist and illustrator since graduating with a BA in Illustration in 2008. Her pieces are created by building up multiple textures and images, and combining these to develop a distinct visual language, using recurring motifs. She works using a fusion of technology and traditional techniques – often using photography, painting, gold-leaf and cut-up collage which is then digitally scanned and arranged on the computer, before working back in to the resulting digital print.

Her work is heavily influenced by music, from the styling and art direction of 1970s Jazz and Soul, to the passion and ebullience of Gospel and Disco. She takes musical aspects and works to synthesise them into visual form, working towards distilling the vibrancy of music into a ‘music for the eyes’. More broadly, she aims to impregnate her work with its own unique soul, through harnessing a blend of spirituality, culture, the cosmos and mother earth.

As well as producing original works and prints, Victoria is proud to be Artist Director of On The Corner Records undertaking everything on the visual side of the label. She has also had the privilege of working with Art Yard Records on Sun-Ra. Along side this she has created commercial work for brand identities; produced branding for festivals; large scale murals and has also designed nightclub interiors. In addition, she also works on historic interiors – digitally recreating wallpapers for some of the most prestigious heritage sites in the UK.