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Juliette Paull

About the artist

Juliette Paull is a gestural abstract artist known for creating highly evocative compositions powered by strong yet subtle brushstrokes. Precariously balanced between abstraction and figuration, Juliette's paintings engage with both the visceral and the sublime through gesture and scale. Drawing inspiration from Romanticism and explorations of the sublime in the eighteenth century, Juliette opens a personal dialogue between a historical aesthetic and the dramatic landscape of West Cornwall where she lives.

"It always brings me to realise that it's possible to say what it feels like to be human, without the need to work figuratively, describe things literally. What lies at the core of my work is a desire to express the unspoken."

Juliette's work deals with cycles; growth and change occurring internally and externally. In a similar manner to the landscape, her paintings develop slowly and intuitively, driven by the power of the world around her. They are landscapes that explore both the natural world that surrounds us and the fragility and strength of the human condition, an internal landscape. Juliette works in series, bringing multiple works into dialogue with each other so they can reach an overarching sense of harmony.