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Anna Simmons

About the artist

In Anna Simmons' words: I have always been interested in light and how it can transform a dull or ordinary scene and make it beautiful. I like to paint the drama of light shining in a dark place. I paint urban landscapes and the interior of buildings; public spaces in cities within which a personal illumination occurs. I have always been fascinated by the play of light and dark. I feel it is a metaphor for our lives.  We long for the light.  We  fear the dark, but if we really have the courage to explore the dark times and accept them we will gradually begin to see that we cannot have light without the dark. They really are one thing. And the most ordinary places, the bus stop, the escalator, have a beauty of their own, if we are awake to see it.

In every picture there is always a human figure often alone and unremarkable.  This figure is essential because it represents the bridge between the human world and the huge world that we inhabit.

I have painted all my life and studied at St Martin's. This period inspired the direction in my work that continues today. 
Anna Simmons has exhibited extensively in many solo and group shows, and her paintings have sold widely.