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Sarah Boden

Sarah Boden MA is a Bristol based, full time professional artist with over 20 years’ experience in painting, curating and teaching. As architect turned artist, Sarah has lived and travelled in Asia extensively and this experience has greatly influenced her art through culture, colour, pattern, and subject.

Sarah's work can be found in private collections in the USA, Australia and Asia and she has exhibited in Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, Malaysia, Thailand and the UK. Her first UK solo show, entitled The Rainforest Series, was held at The Square Club, Bristol from February to April 2023 and subsequently at Fresh Art Fair in Cheltenham at the end of April where several of Sarah’s paintings (Lotus and Joy of Life) were featured by the organisers.

The relationship between the natural world and mankind, inspired by the culture of the east and west, has formed the basis of Sarah’s work since returning to the UK in 2017. The Rainforest Series and the latest series, Wonder, celebrate our natural environment, raising an awareness and the need for protection and conservation. Abstract landscapes and botanical paintings create a narrative, capturing a sense of place while immersing the viewer within the humidity, light and colour of the landscape. Rather than replicating the landscape, these paintings rely on the metaphorical, patterning, and semi-abstract, each a visual poem informed by sketches, watercolours and memories of the time spent in this habitat.

Each painting is created with mixed media (artist’s quality acrylic, ink, oil stick, graphite and pastel) with screen-printing, mono-printing and hand-cut stencils.