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A crucial part of an artist’s practice is experimentation. This means valuable time devoted to exploring seeds of ideas, new materials, mark-making methods and even collaborative processes, to push their practice forward and help keep their work fresh and authentic.

Modern ArtBuyer printmaker Paul Minott dedicates much of his studio time to doing just that. Playing with the physical process of making a print, working with new papers, different tools and raw ideas. One of the many upsides to this is that he has a treasure chest full of wonderful experimental print studies on paper. We’re delighted that he has decided to put together curated selections of these unsigned prints in presentation boxes, and these are now available to buy through our site. Each print is unique and the boxes vary enormously, with approximately 8 to 10 pieces in each, some including folded booklets, some including prints ready to frame and hang.

Click here to see a short movie of us exploring our very own presentation box on Instagram.

Each box delivers a remarkable insight into his art practice and abundant creativity. A visual story of his printmaking. For more information on Paul and to buy a box of experimental prints, please click here.

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