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Sara Dudman RWA

About the artist

Contemporary painterly qualities and drawn marks are essential components in Dudman’s work, conveying an intuitive understanding of her subject, capturing, analysing and representing their movements or properties. Fragility and transience are expressed through unpainted or sparsely formed negative spaces. Through the process of drawing and painting she progressively locates and extracts order from apparent chaos, drawing out patterns of movement and behaviour.

Small-scale and intimate, or large and expressive, these gestural paintings are created in layers, alternately recording and expressing the essence of the subject and its environment or context, exploring the relationship between the two. Permanence and impermanence are in balance. Using the intuitive, personal, interpretive possibilities of paint, yet derived from the immediacy and documentation of video, photography and ‘found’ imagery, these paintings combine analysis and emotion. Her work is a continual exploration of the dynamic between figurative representation, expression and the physical and plastic qualities of painting and drawing.

She currently works in Somerset and has a BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting, Loughborough College of Art and Design and an MA (distinction) Design and Manufacture, De Montfort University, Leicester. She was made an Academician of the Royal West Academy in 2015.

Black Swan Open 2014, Frome (solo show 2016 prize-winner in collaboration with Debbie Locke RWA)
REAL SOMERSET, A2 Gallery 2014, Wells (First Prize-winner in collaboration with Debbie Locke RWA)
Thelma Hulbert Open 2014, Honiton (First Prize-Winner in collaboration with Debbie Locke RWA )
Millfield Summer Show 2013, The Atkinson Gallery (prize-winner in collaboration with Debbie Locke RWA )
John Singer Sargent Open 2014, Broadway Arts Festival (Main Prize-winner in collaboration with Debbie Locke RWA)