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Adam Arbeid

About the artist

Adam Arbeid became captivated by imagery observed through various lenses. These range from the extraordinary images captured by the Hubble telescope and the Cassini space probe both from afar, those honed in upon by satellites of our incredible world and the subterranean environments below, to the imagery captured through microscopy such as diatoms - our smallest, single cell, living beings. Although the scales of these vistas are unimaginably different, from space telescope to microscope, some of the imagery is amazingly similar which stimulates and infuses Adam’s work.

Adam’s pieces are created as marble frescoes. Layer by layer, coats of crushed marble composite are applied to the canvas and built up to create a veneer-like marble base. Further layers are pigmented and applied, textured and polished before paint, minerals, aggregates, base and precious metals, pigments and other materials can then be incorporated within the work. Running parallel to this process, Adam also became interested in the qualities and imagery unveiled through the quarrying, splitting and polishing of ancient stones, minerals and fossils.

He creates the illusion that the piece may have been sliced from a large fossil exposing surreal environments within.