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Jess Townsend

Etching in a limited edition of 20. Delivery within 1-2 weeks.

510mm x 355mm

Price: £270

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About the Artist

Jess Townsend studied at Goldsmiths College of Art, London. Her etchings are inspired by her life-long love of Cornwall and the South West Coast, focusing particularly on her fascination with detail and patterns found in nature.

In her work, Jess Townsend creates balance between the delicacy and sensitivity of her subjects, and the use of strong line and relief to expose the endurance of the environment.

Cliff tops, sculptural boulders, trees blasted by gales, flowers, patches of hedgerow and rock pools remain key subjects for her printmaking. Working from her alfresco sketches, she etches onto copper plate using a variety of traditional processes. The subsequent etchings are incredibly tranquil and beautiful, carefully depicting fragile flora and hardy minerals after years of exposure to the coastal elements.

Jess lives in Bristol and is a member of Spike Print Studio, Bristol.