Untitled IV (Space) by Gordon Ellis-Brown for Modern ArtBuyer

Untitled IV (Space)

Gordon Ellis-Brown

Acrylic, fine art print and UV varnish on aluminium panel, in a limited edition of 20.

625mm x 780mm

Price: £950

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About the Artist

Land. Ocean. Space.
Origin. Authenticity. Integrity.
Tribes. Honour. Celebration.

From a childhood living in a small hotel by the sea in Worthing to his experiences in California and New Mexico, Gordon Ellis-Brown reveals fundamental truths in conflicting beliefs and cultural traditions.

Drawing on his graphic roots, he uses pure colour, scale, symbolism, iconography, found objects and photography; his meticulously handpainted and multi-layered works challenge convention, post colonial attitudes and propaganda, taking the viewer on a journey through positive abstraction.

Gordon renders his art with a raw energy that comes from the artist’s proximity to the subject, demonstrating the correlation in extremes of imagery and revealing a life-force in an affirmative, minimalist state. He opens a dialogue between ancient history, the 20th century, pop culture, consumerism and leading-edge technology through exploring transformation over time.

Focusing on an image before relocating its context is a way of celebrating the enduring materiality of images whilst safeguarding the vulnerability of others. This dissonance subverts, disrupts and enriches our recognition of the visual world, touching our soul through a moment of reflection and realisation.