Tykunya's Changeover by Rebecca King

Tykunya’s Changeover

Rebecca King

Archival giclee print with laser cut, in a limited edition of 50 onto 315gsm cotton rag paper. Delivery within 1-2 weeks.

670mm x 490mm

Price: £250

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About the Artist

With a childhood upbringing combining the chaotic hustle and bustle of Nigeria with a brisk Cornish countryside, Rebecca King focuses her work around cosmopolitan spaces that explore issues of shifting identities within the modern world.

Her practice focuses upon people in our ever-evolving cities. Cities are enticing places teeming with contrasting built forms and man-made chaos, and flowing with pragmatic human activity. They offer an abundance of experiences and sensations, which are constantly in flux and shifting. It is this flux that interests Rebecca. This is represented in her work through a cascading wave of abstracted shapes and lights captured in a single moment.

Rebecca King creates whirling patchworks of abstractions, where she is continuously trying to reinterpret what the image means within a fluctuating world of interchange. The work uses such viewpoints that the viewer is compelled to stand back and see the modern city in its speed and its immensity.

2011: The Gainsborough Prize for Graduate Printmakers 2011
2011: The Nagoya University Degree Award (Japan) 2011