Silver Sunset by Chris Keegan for Modern ArtBuyer

Silver Sunset

Chris Keegan

Four colour screenprint with a background blend from orange to metallic silver on Southbank smooth 250gsm. Limited edition of 10. Delivery within 1-2 weeks.

800mm x 360mm

Price: £500

Plus £10 for UK delivery Buy

About the Artist

Chris Keegan is an illustrator and screenprinter living and working in London. Since graduating from Camberwell College of Art, he has worked for a wide range of newspapers and magazines including the FT, Time Magazine, The Observer, The Guardian, Time Out, GQ, Mac User and Design Week. He has also created images for many leading creative agencies including Souk, Mother and Momentum Design.

Chris Keegan plays with transparent and opaque inks to form striking montaged imagery, while his subject matter takes inspiration from the natural world and the urban environment around him. Combining his style with his chosen subject matter, he creates vibrant, contemporary images with a true graphic quality.