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Sea Holly II

Charles Emerson

Digital giclée print in a limited edition of 7. Unframed.

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About the Artist

Charles Emerson (b.1982) is a UK based photographer.

Charles Emerson explores ideas and methods for producing imagery. His practice concerns the creation of Palimpsests, building layers within his work. Whether using physical layers within a studio or the use of film to capture light effects that is then worked over detailed digital images. His constantly evolving approach creates innovative and captivating projects.

The Flower series draws on the composition and lighting values of still life paintings, the Dutch Vanitas movement in particular. Vanitas works are steeped with symbolism. Using this as inspiration Charles has created his own symbolic imagery, in which he explores ideas of fragility in life, death and the hereafter. Using water and inks Charles creates photographs that experiment with the boundaries between painting and photography.