Headland South Hams by Elaine Jones for Modern ArtBuyer

Headland South Hams

Elaine Jones

Framed oil on canvas. Painting size 80 x 80cm, framed size 100 x 100cm. Delivery within 1-2 weeks.

1000mm x 1000mm

Price: £2500

Plus £50 for UK delivery Enquire

About the Artist

Elaine Jones has been inspired by her expeditions through France, Costa Rica and Panama, allowing that inspiration to infuse her paintings. This influence can be seen in her use of green and oranges inspired by the sunsets, rain and cloud forests of Central America, contrasting sharply with last years work of ice paintings influenced by the Arctic.

Sketches on location form a starting point for her canvases and through distortion, exaggeration, poured paint, thick texture, smooth brushstrokes and incidental marks the canvas becomes alive with energy and atmosphere. Serene calm is interjected with powerful explosions of colour to produce unique and captivating portrayals of nature in its wildest forms.

Elaine’s abstract paintings fundamentally represent painting and the traditional aspects of composition colour and contrast.

Elaine Jones was brought up in the Midlands and studied art at Newcastle Under Lyme College before undertaking a painting degree at Loughborough University. Whilst a student she won the fine art award and spent six months studying painting at Granada University in Spain. She now lives and works in a city centre studio in Bristol. Her work can be seen exhibited throughout the UK and Europe.