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Four in One series : A

Jane Dillon

Screenprint in a limited edition of 25. Paper size 500 x 500mm, print size 320 x 320mm. Unframed. Framed option available. Delivery within 1-2 weeks.

500mm x 500mm

Price: £220

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About the Artist

Jane Dillon is an artist living and working in London. Between 1970-2008 she ran an international design studio and taught furniture and product design at the Royal College of Art London for over 35 years. The V&A Museum London acquired her complete design studio archives in 2009.

Jane has drawn from a long career in furniture design to produce a reflective and exploratory set of abstract screenprints comprising four coloured ovaloid figures variously arranged on vivid colour fields. She says of this work, “When I decided to make these screenprints it was because I wanted to create a series of images using different coloured shapes contained within the restrictions of a square that could be rotated equally to influence and change with every turn.

Inspired by the research of Josef Albers, into chromatic relations within fixed squares, I wanted to follow all the possible variants of implied volume and movement using colour, shape and scale within a rotated square or cube. After more than 40 years in design, I find myself returning to my key early interests concerning the sculpting of space through colour and shape.'

The images are intended to appeal to us on a direct level, evoking the quote from Anni Albers: "Layer after layer of civilized life seems to have veiled our directness of seeing. We often look for an underlying meaning of things while the thing itself is the meaning".