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Biggity II

Gordon Ellis-Brown

Acrylic on canvas, 85 x 85cm unframed size. White tray framing available upon request.

850mm x 850mm

Price: £1100

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About the Artist

Drawing on his life spent by the sea, his graphic design roots and time working in California and New Mexico, Gordon Ellis-Brown's work covers diverse and emotionally-engaging genres incorporating pure colour, story-telling, graphic iconography, photography, seascapes, landscapes and found objects.

With an acute sense of colour, form and a deep observation of subjects, Gordon generates movement and spatial tension across the canvas using contrasting chromatic shapes and planes using acrylics, gouache and mixed media, concentrating on the fundamentals to create work that shows subjects in their minimalist state.

While in America, Gordon was mentored by a Native Indian where he became immersed in their culture. Here, Gordon developed a deep understanding and respect for their values, a life-long passion for their art and built a comprehensive reference library covering the ethnology of the individual tribes.

Using imagery from petroglyphs, pictographs and petroforms as central components to his work, the ‘Soul Shaker’ series pays homage to the Native American Indians who created rock drawings, carvings and paintings of designs, motifs, patterns, figures and symbols.

Immersive, reflective and seductive, ‘Soul Shaker’ bridges the gap between the past and the present, capturing the raw energy of the rock art symbols with pure colour, graphic intensity and depth. The shapes, compositions and narratives seek to make a connection beneath the surface, creating a language that resonates with our individual life cycles and the wider global environmental challenges we face today – projecting themes, visuals and messages from tribes who lived in harmony with the earth and its precious resources.

The rock art commands respect and sensitivity. Often Gordon’s work will focus solely on the ancient symbol which he represents exactly as it was originally created, building layers of pure colour to achieve the desired intensity. The Wild West genre and story-telling are also integral parts of the series, which may incorporate original photography, found art and mixed media.

‘Sundance I’ was Gordon's first work to be accepted into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2007, with a second work, ‘Howdy’, in 2010. ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome (465 Sunflowers II)’ was accepted in 2013.

Gordon continues to push the boundaries working with colour and form while promoting his art in the UK and internationally. An emerging artist gaining in visibility and recognition, Gordon’s work is included in private collections throughout the world and covers original paintings, photography, montage, mixed media and limited edition prints.