Thought Patterns one.15 by Mark Habisrittinger

Thought Patterns one.15

Mark Habisrittinger

Acrylic on canvas. White frame. Painting size 90 x 90cm, framed size 106 x 106cm.

1060mm x 1060mm

Price: £1500

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About the Artist

In the words of artist Mark Habisrittinger : I have always led a creative working life, initially training as a graphic designer. After graduating in 1986 (BA hons), I started out as a junior designer in a busy London agency. Over the following six years, I progressed to creative director for an award winning design company, before setting up my own agency with a partner. For the next ten years the company grew, both in size and success, working for a number of national and international companies.

For as long as I can remember, painting has been a constant in my life. Largely self-taught, I bring a designer’s eye for colour and composition to my paintings. Texture also plays an important part. This is achieved by building up layers - a technique I have developed over time.

Working in acrylic, a multitude of abstract lines represent a whole variety of thought processes that occur throughout each day, often overlapping, going off at tangents, and sometimes quite random. Colour, pattern and texture serve as a simple visual language to describe these thoughts. The end result is that my paintings are really very detailed and complex - rather like the vast number of varied thoughts we all have in a day.

Over time my influences have been Bridget Riley, Gerhard Richter, Sol LeWitt, Victor Vasarely, to name but a few.